Usually text summarization tips are about simplifying and paraphrasing. They are teaching summarizing by remind you to understand the whole text, determine the main ideas then put them in your own words. Oftentimes though, you find yourself lacking the time, the skill and frankly the diligence to do all that! Good thing that there are alternative ways to perform this task.

Offline Summaries

Fortunately, for students and professionals, Microsoft Word 2007 has a built-in summarizer. This summarizer software allows you to specify the form of the resulting summary. The options include: highlight key points (which highlights the key points in yellow while the rest of the text remains gray, insert an executive summary or abstract on top of the document (which gives a brief overview in the form of the paragraph before the actual text), hide everything. On the other hand, the summary without leaving the original document (which hides all text except the ones found in the summary), create a new document and put the summary there.

The button for this action is located at Quick Access toolbar at the top of the screen. If the icon or button is not, there you have to customize your tab by adding AutoSummary Tools in your command list.

For those who have Apple devices, fear not! There is a Mac OSX Summarizing button. All you have to do is highlight a text on the Internet or open a document. On the services button you can see a Summarize option. Clicking it will activate the Summary application and there you can read the summary. Usually the summaries are 50% of the original text but you can adjust the percentage in the application.

Summary Text Online

If you have Internet connection and do want to take advantage of it, there is always online summarization. There are usually two types of text summarization software online – those that are free and those that aren’t. The priced ones are definitely more accurate than those that are free, but they also take longer to produce results. Under the free type are two kinds – general and specific. The general ones are those that can summarize any text pasted in their blanks while those specific ones cater to certain kind of information or pages from a certain site only.

An example of priced summarization software is Article Summarizer Online. The reason why you have to pay for this is that there is a living workforce behind it who do the summarizing – not machines nor algorithms. In here, you have to order a summary and they will get back to you with your summary in at least twelve hours – depending on the length and type of document you uploaded. The company ensures you an original summary with natural text flow and an accurate rephrasing of the original text.

The free ones who offer summary text online are less creative but quicker. An example of a free website that caters to specific documents is News In Essence. This website was developed in the University of Michigan Ann Arbor only summarizes information from news websites. It uses a web document summarization system that takes into account not only text but hyperlinks and images as well.

Social Bookmarking

A novel way of text summarization is social bookmarking. Though still being developed, summarizing based on social bookmarking is an exciting new method because it exploits user comments in blogs and other sites that allow visitor feedback. Unlike others that take note of the post themselves, social bookmarking as a method for web document summarization deems comments as having a more important role for they allow dynamism and opinion.

Having summary text online and social bookmarking are just some of the top summary tips for document summarization. With more and more documents being uploaded online, more methods are going to be made. Enjoy an easy-breezy summarizing.

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