In that tight spot where you need to know the gist of a seemingly endless text in a matter of minutes (even seconds)? What you might need is a summarizing website. There are quite a few scattered around the Internet for your disposal, but the following websites are picked according to cost, speed, accuracy and customer-friendliness for your easy perusal:

  1. A free, quick and easy-to-use summarizing website is SMMRY. Its main purpose is to provide an efficient and understandable summary to a text, and it does so by providing numerous options to customize the summary.
  2. Article Summarizer Online is not a free online summarization tool – but it is has the advantage of having a human workforce to back upon. It offers what computer-generated summarization tools cannot – natural flow of text, rephrasing and other services. Summaries are submitted after 12 hours on minimum, depending on the length and type of document and the urgency of the customers.
  3. Open Text Summarizer has the unique option of summarizing texts in a little less than 40 different languages. Aside from summarizing information, it also determines the keywords in the document. It also gives you the option of determining the summarization ratio.
  4. Under the website, Tools4Noobs is a good summarizing tool called it Online Summarize Tool. It is similar to other online tools but allows options in customizing the resulting summary that is not available in others such as maximum sentence length and number of lines.
  5. Wiki Summarizer is a website specifically catered to summarize information in Wikipedia articles. It prioritizes the relevance of the topics and subject matters in the articles over frequency of words. This is a good article summarizer for students who need a nice summary of terms and concepts.
  6. A website for summarizing very simple but long texts is Free Summarizer. It is very quick and easy to use and allows you the option of determining the number of sentences you want the resulting summary to be.
  7. AutoSummarizer is another quick and easy summarizing website. This tool is still on its beta stage and is still on its way to being fully developed, but it is a very usable site despite this. It ranks sentences based on their value, and uses the extraction-based summarization algorithm.
  8. Simplish is generally a Basic English learning website, but it also provides a tool that could summarize information. The length of the text to be summarized should at least be a thousand words in order for it to determine which words or phrases are repeated. It subsequently eliminates the repeated words and phrases. It also allows multiple file uploads into its interface.
  9. Text Compactor calls itself a ‘free online automatic text summarization tool’, and it rightly calls itself so. It works by counting the frequency of words and determines the sentences that have the most frequently used words. This becomes the most important sentence. This website is best for technical non-fiction texts and documents.
  10. com  is a simple website tool for your summarizing needs. It is a product if the Iris Reading company – a company that specializes on speed-reading training. It is free, quick and easy to use. The summaries are computer –generated so the texts are analyzed by machines. This website is best used with simpler, shorter texts and documents.

There you have some cool ways on how to summarize your text using various website solutions to find today! Get help from them and achieve the best results!

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