How do you distinguish an automatic paraphraser from manual paraphrasing? No matter you are a professional or a student, you may be assigned to reword text and come up with another version. The same goes if you are a blogger or a web content writer. You may want to know the differences of paraphrasing by yourself and by using an online tool.

Automatic Paraphraser Free vs. Manual Paraphrasing


Automatic tools are convenient to use and they don’t require a download. On the other hand, manual rewriting proves a challenge for many who are short of time. If you are in hurry and you need to accomplish your papers on time, then you may want to use an automatic tool and not do manual rephrasing that will take time, especially if you need to accomplish many papers in a day.


If you could find a good paraphrasing machine or automatic paraphraser free, then you can rely on accurate results. This is the same reason you need to try out the best ones out there before finally making a decision on which among them to use for your task. Manual rewriting can be accurate too if you know how to rewrite. But this is a problem for many who do not know how to create a new version of text through paraphrasing. Not everyone possesses good writing skills, another thing that could hinder your efforts to come up with a perfect rewriting.


In manual paraphrasing, you may need to pay someone to do it for you, so you can just imagine how much you should be spending in case you need to rewrite several papers. And if you are the one to reword, you can also imagine how much time, which means ‘money’ in the modern times, you could be spending if you are to choose creating a new version of the text yourself. On the other hand, you can get rid of this problem by using an automatic tool, which can paraphrase free!

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List of Automatic Paraphraser Free

  1. Plagiarisma: Check out this tool and use it if you want to rewrite text immediately and for free. It can return instant results, too.
  2. Go Paraphrase: This is another reliable tool when it comes to rewording. With it, you don’t have to install or download software on your PC, too.
  3. Text Compactor: It is another free tool to depend on when rewording all types of papers, including research papers, essays and blogs, among others. Check it out and see how it can help today!
  4. Small SEO Tools’ Article Rewriter: If you are an online marketer or writer, then you may want to make use of this tool that can help in coming up with different versions of your texts. Use it and get instant results now!
  5. EZ Rewrite: Check out this tool if you want to get fast and accurate results from the task. This is an online-based tool that you can depend on anytime and anywhere.

Manual and automatic paraphrasing has their similarities and differences. Both of them aim for accurate results; in this fast-paced world, however, using automatic paraphrasers prove to be very important, especially when you’re short of time but you are loaded with rewriting tasks. Automatic tools may not be able to replace manual rewriting, but they are definitely big help that everyone can depend on.

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