Summarizing is a complex undertaking that requires careful analysis and patience. Many students fail at recognizing its important especially that this has been the most common task in every academic level. In order to make summarizing more fun, you can utilize tools and summarizing activities. Activities for summarizing allow you to encourage an enjoyable approach in order for your students to retain information effectively. Here are common summarising activities for students:

  1. Model Rereading – of all the activities to teach summarizing this is considered to be highly efficient. Students are allowed to look over to their notes in order for them to summarize effectively. This reinforces their skills by enabling to gradually apply proper summarizing skills.
  2. Drama – paraphrasing and summarizing activities does not have to be all written. Teachers can allow their students to act out the plot of the story allowing them to better visualize what should be written.
  3. 25 Word Summary – students will have to construct a summary using only 25 words.
  4. Book Chat- this is one of great activities for summarizing that encourages students to summarize or advertise their favorite books.
  5. Partner Page Summary – students are paired and take turns in summarizing a story; they should be able to underline significant keywords and main concepts. This is considered to be one of the best paraphrasing and summarizing activities.

There are other summarizing activities that enable you to teach effectively the fundamentals of summarizing. When making use of activities to teach summarizing, it is important to consider the academic level and maturity of your students. There are also summarizing activities for middle school that makes use of best equipment and tools. Summarizing activities allow you to properly discuss the essentiality of summarizing without adhering to tradition approach. Summarizing activities allows your student’s to improve their logical thinking and writing skills.

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