Teaching Summarizing and Paraphrasing for Academic Success

There are many ways in teaching summarizing and paraphrasing to your students and as a teacher, you should be able to make use of online solutions for maximized results. One of the most important parts of academic writing is using ideas of other people; summarize and paraphrase are common methods used especially when undertaking dissertations, thesis or research papers. Students must be able to tell the difference between paraphrasing and copying the entire texts. Teaching paraphrasing is important especially that this will improve the student’s ability to understand and analyze the content.

Teaching Paraphrasing to Minimize Plagiarism Cases

Plagiarism is the common errors performed by many students; this is a serious academic offense which could lead to suspension. By teaching paraphrasing and summarizing, you will be minimizing the number of plagiarized cases especially when the time comes that student’s write their thesis. What is summarizing and paraphrasing? The first one involves writing minimal words that represent the main idea of the story with the latter entails using other person’s ideas but interpreting it using your own words. By teaching summarizing and paraphrasing, you are enabling your students to properly cite their sources to reduce the cases of plagiarized essays.

Present your Ideas Using Summarize and Paraphrase

A well written summary will demonstrate your ability to understand the text but even when you are summarizing or paraphrasing someone else’s work, a simple acknowledge is still necessary. Teaching paraphrasing and summarizing will allow the students to progress in terms of effectively writing what they have comprehended. The main concept of teaching summarizing and paraphrasing is to allow students to say something about the story using the ideas of the topic but presenting it as your own based on your knowledge. Either way, your final output should be relevant, include main points and effectively convey the message of the story.

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