How to Write a Summary

When you would like to make a summary, it is essential to know what the right methods or perfect tips on how to write summary are, so that you will not have a hard time. Summary means that you will shorten the book or article. In other words, you are giving detailed but short information to the reader about the book you have read. Here are some examples on how to summarize a text.

How to write summary

  • Read the book or the article and make sure you understand it.
  • Outline the book and take not about the major points
  • Make your first draft without talking a look about the article
  • When you are on the process of how to write summary, make sure you do some paraphrasing. Never copy what is the original phrase instead paraphrase it.
  • Make sure that when you have your first draft, it is ¼ of the original book.

Features of how to write summary

  • One of the important things on how to write a summary is about clarity together with the identification of the author, title and main point.
  • One you know the steps how to write a good summary, it is better if you check your outline and the original one. Check if you covered all the important points.
  • It is also important that you will never put your own ideas because you are not making a review but a summary. Make sure you are careful n the word you are using.
  • Make sure you perfectly inform to the reader that what’s they are reading is only a summary of book or article.
  • At the beginning of your summary, create complete bibliographic citation which includes title of work, author and source.

These how to write a short summary steps are very helpful for you so that you no longer need to ask other people. In fact, you can make a good summary by doing your best and taking time in reading the original book. Finally, if you still want to learn more on how to write a brief summary, there are many articles that you can check online.