There are many different types on how to write a summary paragraph. You can choose what type you need to choose and follow but the clear thing is that those types can help you in making a good summary. Summary is condensed and shortened version of paragraph or any books. The purpose of summarizing is to share the main ideas to other readers. Summarize have the same tone as the original one but does not contain any opinions since it not review. In most cases, summarize do not have formal conclusion.

Steps on how to write a summary paragraph

  • Create your own topic sentence with the use of “burrito” sentence method
  • Copying the sentence into real sentence
  • Add some fact outline
  • When you summarize a paragraph, make sure all the key points are there. Include the topic sentence and supporting sentences that you think needed in the paper. When you read some guide on how to write a summary paragraph, you will know that are many aims you need to accomplish.

Summarize Paragraphs: What Your Aims

  • Make readers think: When you summarize paragraph, always ensure you drive and catch the attention of the reader. Make sure you are successful in driving your readers to make a conclusion of what really happens after they read your summary.
  • Taking a look to perspective: Show the readers what the use of the summary and how can help them in the future.
  • Impress your readers: When you summarize paragraphs, make your ending miraculous discovery and will be overwhelmed after they read your paper.

Always remember that paragraphs to summarize must be brief and must provide what is the idea of the. Make sure your summary is enough that gives excellent summary on what is the book, articles or paper is all about.

Finally, the process on how to write a summary paragraph maybe hard in some ways but once you know all the aspects and techniques, making summary is just an easy thing for you. Bear in mind that you need to exactly know what summarizing is all about so that you can craft wonderful summary that people would love to read.

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