Summaries are important when you need a quick overview of a long article. Nowadays what a lot of people have to read are put up online. This trend has become so popular that with the increasing accessibility of Internet comes the growing problem of information overload. To address the information overload one receives when browsing the Internet, it is important to learn to summarize website  and here we can teach summarizing.

Making English Summaries

Sometimes you end up having to browse through a webpage or website that’s entirely in a different language. In this case you have the specific task of summarizing in English. Before you have to perform any summarizing, you first have to translate the page to understand it.

The most important thing in summarizing is that you have to understand the main points of the text first, so if you don’t understand the text at all, you’re better of folding a piece of paper more than seven times than summarizing the text.

The search engine Google provides a service called Google Translate wherein you can copy-paste a word or phrase into the provided blank, choose the translation (whether from French to English, or English to Chinese) and it comes up with a result for you. Depending on your browser, sometime a Google Translate widget pops up when you open a page that’s almost entirely made up of non-English words and it offers to translate it for you.

The problem with programs like these though is that they are not entirely accurate – they cannot translate grammar, syntax or semantics. Unless you only need to translate a few words and phrases or you are knowledgeable enough about the language to fill in the blanks, you’re probably better off availing of priced online language translation services to understand the text and to determine its key points. But this is one way of summarizing in English.

The next step is paraphrasing and simplifying. Paraphrasing is the act of putting a statement in your own words. Once you have understood the text and identified the key points, you should simplify and paraphrase them.

For example, if the original sentence is this: ‘Attending the university is a tough learning experience because of all the difficult classes but it is also an important life lesson because the rigorous learning environment prepares you for a professional career’,  then a paraphrased version should look like this: ‘Despite the difficulty academically, university experience readies you professionally’. Do this with all the key sentences and ensure that it has a natural flow of text then you have a summary. However aside from doing it manually by performing all of the above, there is a way to do it online with online summarizer.

Examples of Places to Summarize Website

Some websites seem to know how to make our lives easier, and those that choose to do so by making summarizing more convenient are just around the corner. One such website is Free Summarizer. A simple website allows you to copy-paste the text into the blank and allows you to determine and limit the number of sentences you want the summary to be. Another website that is more specific with its parameters is SMMRY. This website gives allows you not only to limit the number of sentences, but allows you to exclude specific types of sentences and etc. This is how to do it online.

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