If you were looking for information on how to summarize notes, you can check out the tips you will learn below on how to summarize correctly.  You can make use of the Cornell notes summary method, a very efficient means of note taking without any hassles. You may be asked by your teacher to perform the Cornell notes method in order to summarize topics for an effective outcome.

The Cornell Notes Summary Method

  1. You can get a lined paper and then fold it up to the red margin on the left side. Here, you will be able to find a smaller column at the left side than the right column part.
  2. In the header space, label with the subject and the topic as well as the chapter. Do not forget to include the date at its right corner.
  3. Check out the main ideas you will see in books, and then be able to spot the headlines or the main points of the author. You can start familiarizing yourself with the topic with the text format. Don’t miss looking up for important keywords or vocabulary words that are normally found within the text.
  4. Take down note in the right column. You may use bullet points to help you with the gathering of the main ideas. Be able to collect only the most essential details and leave out the rest.
  5. Review your notes and check for clarity and conciseness. You can highlight by underlining the terms. Check out errors and correct them.
  6. Write questions on the left column beside every detail you mentioned. You may also use high-level questions to deepen your understanding of the text.
  7. Be able to start summarizing a passage or your notes into paragraphs. Here, you don’t need to include all the details but your understanding of the text and the information you have read.

Now that you know how to summarize notes, there is no stopping you. You can start summarizing your assignment and come up with the best results by using the Cornell summarization method.  Learn more about this method and practice it well so that you will be adept in performing it the next assignments when you need to use the Cornell notes summary method.

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