Do you want to know how to summarize literature review? If so, you have arrived at the right place online to learn exactly the process of doing so. There are certain things to recall when summarizing a literature review to make your life easier. As you know, the importance of summarizing is one of the main skills to develop to master the art of reading. Without comprehension, there cannot be good reading. In order to learn how to summarize the literature review easier, check out these pointers.

How to Write the Literature Summary

First thing to know is that the research paper comes with several parts so it would help if you would have an idea on how to condense all of them into your summary. As you also know, your should summary of main points and all the relevant mentioned by the author to have a comprehensive literature review summary.

Usually, the abstract of the paper is the summary of the entire research paper. Therefore, it would be great as well, if you would be able to grasp the ideas presented in the abstract of the literature review. This way, your readers don’t have to go through the entire paper to have the main idea of the paper as well as to learn what the whole discussion is about.

If you don’t find the paper’s abstract, then you may go ahead and check out the first few paragraphs of the paper. Usually, the introduction parts contain the summary of the paper if no abstract can be found.  It will also help if you would find out what the purpose and the background of the research is. In this case, you will have a clear idea on what the author is trying to come across in writing the paper. Moreover, do not forget to take a look at how to write a summary of a newspaper article post just right now.

Other Tips for Summarizing Literature

  1. Head on to the review and jot down some of the main arguments brought up by the author.
  2. Jot down the methodology used.
  3. Identify the analysis done.
  4. Write down all the results.
  5. From those you gathered, be able to write the short summary of the paper.
  6. Finally, restate the author’s conclusion.

Follow these tips and become successful in summarizing literature. Check out more tips and get started with your paper today!

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