If you were about to report and you need data presented using tables, then check out this post to learn of the basic skills on how to summarize data. How to summarize a data as well as how to summarize notes is an essential company task performed to ensure that no important data is missing in reports and presentations, among other tasks assigned by your superior.

Tips for Effective Summarizing of Data

  1. You should possess high levels of reading skills, meaning you should be able to understand that reading is not just for the sake of reading but more on understanding, what you have read.
  2. When summarizing, you don’t inject your personal views but only use the data you found from the reading material.
  3. You should be able to highlight only the most important details to include because your summary is not the entire story presented by the source but should contain only what the most important things to know should be about are.
  4. Remember the main and supporting ideas to include by taking down notes before coming up with the table form.
  5. Learn how to jot down important data that includes figures and statistics to include in your presentation or report.
  6. There should be a balance of the ideas to present, another summarizing of data technique to learn about, meaning there should be appropriations that you should include in your summary. In short, you should not only focus on one area but also glance and include important data found in other sections.
  7. Prepare your draft to see if you have included all the essential data needed for presentation or reporting.
  8. Limit your summary but be able to cover the most essential ideas to present to avoid losing your main goal of educating your audience, for example.

Other Tips on How to Summarize Data in Table

  • Sort information
  • Select the most relevant ideas and details
  • Learn how to auto sum for quick table summaries
  • Review specific data by filtering ([Shift]+[Ctrl]+8)
  • Use subtotals
  • Make use of pivot tables in writing the summary, something more about the structure of the table presentation
  • Choose data range
  • Learn of conditional aggregates, including multiple aggregates
  • Use the consolidation feature for merging and summarizing data in the workbook

Learn of these techniques on how to summarize a data in a table to be able to have a clear and logical presentation that will impress your audience and your boss.

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