Summarizing an interview is not easy like a summary film because there are many factors that needed to remember. Your summary should about a recall on interview responses and candidate’s qualifications. If you want to make a wise decision-making, you need a summary of interview.

How to Summarize an Interview

In summarizing an interview, you need to devote time in describing the interview scene. You need to tell about the character of the person who has been interviewed. You also need to tell about the kind of environment in which the person works. Make sure to describe about the interior and exterior settings.

  • News story style: There are two styles in which you can able to summarize the interview and one is the so-called news story style.
  • Title: You need to choose a title as your headline. It must be something about the topic of the interview. You also need to include subtitle such as the name of the person who interviewed. You need to have a summary of the topic.
  • Interviewer’s name:
  • First sentence or paragraph: In this part, it tells what you have discussed and who the person is being interviewed. You need to write in paragraphs, use dialogue like exact quotations that use by them. You need to describe the person in a good way that he is a wonderful source of information.
  • Do not use “I”: Never use the word “I” from the dialogues of the person.
  • Format: The format can look like this:


Your name, Name of employer


First paragraph

Second paragraph

Note: Every paragraph that follows another paragraph must need to be indented.

There you go the things you need to remember whenever you need to know how to summarize. In summarizing, you need to remember the essential information that you want to share with other people. You should present a clear and concise summary in order to know what people know about that person. Whenever you are assigned to make summarization, make sure to check out some tips on the internet. There are many resources that will help you to get started.  Begin now while you have enough time to rephrase my sentence .

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