If you have lengthy a article and you want to learn on how to summarize an article in effective manner, then you can make a summary in only five minutes by following some guidelines. Here the ways on how you can do it.

How to Summarize an Article Tips

  • Start with the summary immediately.
  • Do not waste tour time in sitting and thinking on how you can summarize an article.
  • Do not take your time in thinking what information you need to include. What you should do is to start from the beginning of the article. Since your articles have lots of paragraphs, start from the very first paragraph.
  • Always make sure that you pink 1 sentence from every paragraph. You will notice that in each paragraph, there is key message. If the key sentence does not exist, create your own summary. Do not use more than two sentences in summarizing.
  • The process of how to summarize an article is really if you know what you need to do. With this, link all key sentences together. Combined the entire summary you’ve done then read it again. Regardless, how to write a summary of an article is difficult when you do not have any guides.

In addition, when you summarize an article, you know what the articles are all about. In other words, you cannot summarize the article effectively if you don’t read it so make sure to read it before you begin your work.

Moreover, there are still many helpful tips about how to write a summary online. You can research and type the keywords. The said tips are only your guide and if you want to know more information on how to summarize newspaper article, search the internet.

Always remember that when you are making article to summarize, you have enough information on the process. Make sure the flow of your sentences is good so that your readers will not be confused on what you are talking about. Finally, better first to know what is the ideal steps on how to summarize article so you will never have a hard time on how to summarize a text.

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