Summarizing an academic paper is something that you should perform correctly just like other summarization assignments. Did you know that some professors do it to know if their students have understood the entire point of the college paper? It is imperative that you know how to summarize a news article because it should contain all the main and supporting points that the author has included in his creation.

Ways on How to Summarize an Academic Article How to Summarize an Academic Article

  1. You should read the college paper several times. Having that said, it means that you should also understand the entire point discussed by the author. You should not miss any major points so that you can be sure that the college paper summary can stand alone, even without having the readers read the whole paper.
  2. What are the main themes used by the author? What is the study about? Is it about corruption? Is it about part time workers? You should ensure that all the vital notes are written down in your own words. Do not use the exact phrases or terms used by the author.
  3. If you could, it would help if you would be able to structure the notes or if you would be able to come up with an outline. This could serve as a guide or the direction in writing your summary. You can include the main points in the outline as well as take note of sections, usually highlighted in bold letters apart from the rest. Take notes of the various areas of the paper to include in the summary.
  4. Do not look at the article or paper while writing your summary.  You can get started by writing your own opinion or belief of the gist of the article. It will help you see if you understand the paper. Therefore, you should also write using your own language and words. You do not have to imitate the author’s style and tone in writing the summary.
  5. Describe the methods used, analysis and results of study in your own words.

There you have the five summary writing tips an academic article. Get started today using some tips that will help you come up with an independent paper based from the college paper. Also we can certainly help you with your need to “summarize my paper for me“.

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