Great Writing Tips on How to Summarize an Article Example

Summarizing is a tough task especially that you have to thoroughly read and analyze the article as for you to relay this to your readers. The first thing that you have to remember on how to summarize an article example orĀ summarizing paragraphs one is that you should rely only on factual information and not base on your opinion or reviews. Avoid adding unnecessary details and you should stick only to what is relevant; make sure that your summary is brief, concise and well written. Another helpful tip on how to summarize an article example is to choose your words carefully and use modern summarizing techniques; the better the words, the more impact you will make to your readers.

Summarizing Words Effectively to Convey Message Properly

Key words are as important as the content of your summary as this will help you lure in the interest of your readers. When summarizing text, it helps if every paragraph has a good topic sentence and you can simply just expound the topic sentence with the succeeding sentences in every paragraph. It is important to know how to summary; select the words, information and make sure that all the information is delivered proficiently.

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