How to summarize a story needs time and skills. When you ask your family or friends to summarize short story, they just tell you the highlights. This is not the right way to summarize story because there are important things you need to consider. You might want to check out these summary examples.

The Right Steps on how to summarize a story

You should know that when you would like to summary, then you need to know the perfect steps on how to summarize a story so that people will understand what you are talking about. One of the hard parts in making summary is doing distinction on what is unimportant and what is important.

One of the best methods on how to summarize is to introduce the story by using graphic organizer. This means that you need to define and introduce the basic story using graphic organizer like fiction text structure.

Here is Some Steps to Summarize a Story From Graphic Organizer

  • Make sure you introduce your characters, problem of the story and setting.
  • Solve the problem which is the climax
  • The problems and over and has been solved.
  • Take not that you need to introduce the character at the beginning of your paragraph. Include all the relevant information and removed the unnecessary one.
  • When you summarize the story, make sure that it still exciting to read so that you will attract your readers. Using simple words is better than using words that are hard to understand. Since you are doing summarizing, never forget that all ideas should be there. After this, re-read again your paper and check if there is still information that is needed.

If you think your paper is now god, you should not be comfortable because you still need to check for all the details. Check if you put the right information or not. It is also better if you ask other people to read your paper because there is possibility that you do not check the mistakes which plays a big role on your summary. Make sure your paper is free from mistakes like spelling and grammar. Lastly, always do your best and be patience in summarizing a story.

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