A scientific article is a research paper that focuses on a certain aspect of science. Sometimes, you may be tasked by your professor to write the summary of a scientific study. His main goal is to see if you thoroughly get the whole point presented by the author. If you would like to learn how to summarize an article for college, check out below.

How to Summarize a Scientific Article

  1. You should know from the beginning that a research paper has several sections. It usually has an abstract, where the author has summarized the coverage or scope of the article. It is the most concise and complete summary of the scientific article.
  2. If you don’t find any abstract, you can go straight to the introduction of the research paper. It will help you identify the background of the article. Usually, you can find the paper’s thesis by going through the introduction.
  3. Check out the literature review to see the main paper arguments. Check if these arguments support the paper or not.
  4. See where the methodology section before writing the scientific article summary. You should be able to spot the calculations as well as the experiments used by the author to come up with the study. You should also write the data analysis presented by the author.
  5. You should list down the results that may include the experiment results.
  6. Write down the short summary of the article discussion. You can find what suggestions the author has used in the paper.
  7. As much as possible, avoid injecting your own opinion, as this is a scientific article summary and not a position paper.
  8. Do not also include comments not mentioned in the research. Stay on topic all the time.

There you have the tips in writing the scientific article summarizing. In short, be able to come up with a good summary that comes with a complete thought. As much as possible, you should try to be simple and brief to avoid reader confusion. Finally, read and edit the summary before submitting it. Read more tips on how to summarize a scientific article today!

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