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summarize a research paperSummaries are widely popular mainly because many prefer reading the short yet detailed version instead of allocating time trying to read the entire article. When tasked to write a good summary or searching for nursing research questions, it is important that you know what to do and avoid as ensuring that your final summary will be of top-notch quality. If your summary is well written, then you can effectively grab the attention of your audience and properly communicate the ideas presented by the author. The initial thing that you should do understand what the research article is all about; this will provide you with a better chance to communicate the ideas to your readers. The best tip on how to summarize research article would be to always consider who your audience is; this way, you can customize your summary accordingly. Writing a summary of the text is more than just selecting important ideas but knowing how to present these ideas to your audience.

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Another important aspect that you have to remember when you are writing a summary is that this provides you an opportunity to show off your writing skills. Make your summary original and plagiarism free; errors can easily throw off your readers and may compromise its overall impact. One of the most important tips on how to summarize a research paper would be to answer potential questions of your readers. Make it a point that your summary can address the why, how, what, where, who of the article. Another tricky factor when writing your summary is the use of quoting; keep it to a minimum and be sure that your summary focuses only on the main topics and its supporting ideas. Summaries are a short version of the research article to ensure its reliability by focusing only on facts instead of adding in your personal interpretations and opinions. If your summary is longer than expected, do not be afraid to trim it down to the most impertinent details. Constant proofreading and editing will enable your summary to be well written, flawless and effective.

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