If you want to know how to summarize a research article, then you have bumped into the right post that will show you the exact ways on how to write a good summary. As you may know, a summary is meant to help your readers understand what the entire research is about and is the way for your professor to see if you understand the topic or not. To learn how to do it correctly, here are your tips. Check out now. Moreover, do not forget to turn to high-quality designed newspaper article summary example.

How To Summarize a Research Article

If you want to avoid the problem on plagiarism, you should see what you could do to help yourself in creating a new paper that contains the exact main points highlighted by the author/s. You should learn how to take down notes that will help you with the summarization later. You should be able to show how thoroughly you understand the research article by ensuring that you have included all the important details that the author or authors has or have mentioned in the research article.

To help you with how to summarize a research article, you should also learn how to write an outline of what to include in the summary. This will help you have a direction in your summary as well as get a guide on the way that the research summary should be written.

Think that the summary is your way to describe something interesting with your friend. Having that said, you should be able to write a detailed research article summary. Therefore, you should be able to highlight the major points mentioned by the author on what the entire article is about. In addition, you should be able to highlight the research methods, analysis and results that author has included in the research article.  In the results portion, you don’t have to highlight or describe the statistical analysis methods used by the writer.

In the final discussion section, you should be able to write the findings you have from writing the journal article summary. Having that said, you must be able to discuss if the author has achieved or has proven his thesis statement. You may also summarize using your opinion if you want to.

Follow these tips when writing the research article summary.  Write the summary in a way that will include all the main points of the author as well as highlighting, based from your analysis, if the author has achieved what he was intending the research article for.

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