Poetry is intimidating to others because they do not understand it. For a poetry lover, they enjoy reading it because they have the passion and they can easily understand what have been presented by the writer or the author. Before you start, look through some tips on how to summarize a poem.

How to Summarize a Poem

What you should to know?

It can be long process.

To make a summary poem, you need to read it for multiple times

And why, you can ask?

The main point is for making sure you get the meaning of it.

Also, it’s can be funny.

You can read it aloud so that you will understand it better.

If you hear the words, it will help you in identifying similar sounds, repeating phrases and rhyming words.

It is advisable that you examine the physical shape of the poem and make notes.

Identifying about the type and meter of the poem is essential.

The type of the poem refers to a particular style and structure in which it has been written.

So, what is a result?

It will be easier to summarize a poem.

When it comes with the meter, it is about the pattern of words.

And on this stage it can be difficult.


It’s better to check out for words that you do not understand.

With it, you need to rearrange your sentences so that there are no grammatical mistake structures.

Your goal must understand what the literal meaning of the poem you read is or what it actually say.

What additional points and tips?

It can be fancy!

Make sure to examine the poem for symbolism.

You should look for simile as well as metaphor.

You need to know if the writer uses traditional imagery or not.

And what is next?

Check if he uses unusual comparisons.

Make sure you know the audience the writer is addressing.

You should know about the background, intent and personality of the speaker.

You should able to discuss about the setting of the poem.

Do not forget to know how the title relates to the parts of the poem.

Does it answer the reword my sentence title?

Why it is the title and what do you think about the poem after you have read it?


Before you can say that you are done, you need to conclude your summary with meaning and an overall theme of the poem.

Here are useful and helpful tips on how to summarize a poem with a good quality.

If you don’t know how to summarize a poem, learn this guide and get started today!

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