The steps on how to summarize a passage are easy if you learn how to read and understand perfectly.  If you would like to write your passage correctly and in a fast manner, you can read on the tips we’ll highlight here for your reference.

What Does the Passage Summary Contain?

When thinking on how to summarize, you should look into the passage to summarize again and then try to grasp the entire idea without losing any important details presented. One thing is to select the reading material carefully if it is not provided to you by the professor or teacher

It contains not only the summary but also the most important information. By saying that does not mean that, you should reproduce the entire text. You should also prevent the temptation of rewriting the passage word for word as well as changing the words into their synonyms.

Other Tips for Summarizing a Passage

  1. Do not be ambiguous but specific in summarizing text; else, you will not be able to present the ideas clearly and with accurate presentation. You should not focus on the generalities but on the main points or highlights of the passage not to forget.
  2. Include all the main points but observe proper proportion, meaning you should write the summary in an equal manner that you don’t miss important details present in other areas as well. Now that is balance.
  3. Write in the third person perspective but don’t write your ideas, only the information present in the passage.
  4. Avoid writing redundant data that will just cloud up your thoughts and that of your readers.
  5. Avoid changing or criticizing the original passage. This is not the place for that. You are writing the passage summary, not a critical review or analysis paper. When writing, be objective enough not to include your personal opinion. This is a standard to follow when writing a summary.
  6. Don’t write a long summary; it should not be more than one-third of the original passage’s length.
  7. Edit and proofread your summary.

There you have some tips when summarizing a passage! Take note of these to come up with an effective summary you will feel proud of. Get started with your summary today!

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