A novel summary is about a digest of all main points. It must need to be a shorter version on all the main topics and the main arguments depending on what type of novel you have. In summarizing, you need to know the purpose of the novel as well as highlight the important parts. Illustrative examples and smaller details should not be included since it is not important. Like a how to summarize a document, the summary of a novel must need to be a recast of the original material using your own words.

How to Summarize a Novel

  • Summary of novel must need to be reasonable as well as impartial without introducing any value and bias judgments. You should avoid adding your own opinions because it will look like a novel review and not a summary anymore.
  • Before you begin to make a summary, you need to get the main ideas of the novel. You need to know what type of novel. If possible, it is important when you create your outline plan and set your word limit whenever you need to make a summary.
  • You need to check the novel for its table of contents. With this, you get ideas about its structure and its nature of what it covers.
  • The next thing you will do is to look for the novel quickly to get ideas about its scope. By doing this, you will have a general idea on what you will cover. If the novel has headings, it helps you to have headings.
  • After you read the novel, you need to start taking notes. Do not worry because if they are not grammatically correct, you can correct it with your own. Your task is to capture the main ideas of the content.
  • Make a list about the topics of the novel, then write one or 2sentene in each section you will identify. Focus on the main points and does not include illustrative examples. Do not be tempted in filling out your summary with minor information because you will no longer have a good summary.

These are important things you need to know when you need to understand how to summarize a novel. It is necessary to remember it so that the next time you needs to write, you will not have a hard time. It will serve as your guide.

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