Best Guide on How to Summarize a Newspaper Article Proficiently

Summarize a Newspaper ArticleA summary is a condensed version of the newspaper article in which will provide your readers all the vital information without the unnecessary details. There are many things that you have to remember when writing a good summary mainly because this allows your readers to assess your level of understanding. Summary writing can be challenging given that you have to communicate the ideas presented in the article without adding any personal opinions and even interpretations. The first thing that you should do on how to summarize a newspaper article is to read the essay as many times necessary as for you to get a good grasp on what it is all about. To help you, you can underline relevant sections and even write down ideas that you can use later in your summary. When writing your summary, you should avoid using first person or I statements; stick to factual information included in the newspaper article.

How to Summarise a Newspaper Article Using Simple Writing Tips

When summarizing, it is crucial that you always name the author and the article in the introductory paragraph. Once you have established who the author is, you can simply refer to him/her using last name in your summary. Always use present tense when writing your summary and you can always use direct quotes from the article as to effectively support your claim. It is also important to note that you should avoid quoting if possible, if not keep it to a minimum. Many also use the technique of only quoting when adding unique language or specific statements that can be difficult to paraphrase. Make sure that you know the boundary to understand which areas you can quote or paraphrase thus making your summary a lot proficient. Another great tip on how to summarize a newspaper article is to choose the words that you will use carefully especially that this have the power to impact your readers.

24/7 Writing Help with Top Writers on How to Summarize a Newspaper Article

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