As a student, you may be tasked to do various writing task and one of them is to write the newspaper article summary. However, it may not be as easy as it looks because you should not leave any important ideas presented by the author in his news article. Therefore, some handy tips may help you get started. Check out below:

How to Summarize a News Article

  1. Scan the news article. Read it several times if you may. You can start getting the whole point presented in the story within a few minutes as long as you know how to detect the gist of what the entire article is. In addition, you should know the answers to the main questions – including the why, what, where, when and how. These are the part of the lead paragraph.
  2. Start adding the main idea of the article. What is the whole message about? You should know the gist of the current event. Sometimes, it may also have to do something with the past, so be able to see that early on.
  3. You don’t only have to include the main but also the supporting ideas or details. It is not only the main idea but you should also be able to highlight supporting details that will help you come up with a good summary. If you want to know how to summarize a news article, you should also use some imagery or descriptive sentences that will support and that will help the readers to picture what the whole story is about. Therefore, it is very vital that you understand the story, too.
  4. Do not forget to write the conclusion of the article.
  5. Read and edit your article. It will help you spot if you miss something while writing and will help you see any mistakes in grammar and spelling you might have let out.

There you have the tops ways in writing the news article summary. You may want to consider these if you want to ensure that you will come up with the complete thought even by just using a few small paragraphs or even one. Learn more ways on how to summarize a news article.

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