Great Writing Tips on How to Summarize a News Article

Summarize a News ArticleWriting a well developed summary demands more than just good writing skills but you should be able to properly analyze the article and understand what the author is trying to stay. One of the main reasons on why summary writing is difficult is because you are not allowed to include your own opinion, idea and interpretations. You should stick only to the most important facts as for you to convey the ideas the best way possible without any unnecessary information. A great tip on how to summarize an article is to come up with a thesis statement; this will enable you to offer your readers what the entire article is telling you. Make sure that you address all key points in your summary and be careful when selecting main topics. Double check your summary; it is vital that the information should be in order as to avoid redundancy in your summary.

How to Write a News Article Summary to Ensure Unique, Quality Content

When you write a summary, make sure that you use present tense and add transition words as for your summary to be short and well structured. Another important tip on how to summarize a book or a news article is that the length of your summary should not equal to the original news article, instead this should be shorter. You should also check for the accuracy of your summary; make certain that you can appropriately and accurately represent the author’s ideas. If you are citing directly from the news article, make sure that you did it correctly. Lastly, check if your summary is not commentary especially that when it comes to writing your summary, you are writing based on what you understood. Take the time to proofread your summary given that you can easily fall prey to common errors from grammar mistakes to spelling and typos. Any mistakes could lose the credibility of your summary which is why you should invest time as to make sure that your final summary will be 100% original, error free and plagiarism free.

24/7 Expert Help on How to Summarize a News Article Online

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