Summarizing lectures is needed especially when it is long. Since lectures are an important part of learning, students must need to pay attention to it. If you want know how to summarize what you have been discussed for the day, read about best summarizing strategies.

How to Summarize a Lecture

No matter how boring the lecture is, it is very important.

You want to graduate or not?

Make your parents proud?

Of course, you do!

How to summarize? Take a pen and a notebook and start summarizing your lecture right now:

  • Check out lectures: It is important to glance over your lecture so that you get an idea of what your teacher have been discussed previously.
  • Get the meaning or main points: It is important that you get the meaning when you are making a summary. Make sure you do not miss any important details, examples, comments or diagrams because it is essential.
  • Highlighters: When you are on your way in making a summary, you need to highlight, circle or underline your lecture notes. You need to do this so that when you are ready to make a summary, you do not miss any important points. Buy some cool colorful pens and go for it!
  • Brief and succinct: Since you are making a summary, you need to keep your notes succinct and brief. You need to be selective in writing down information. You need to focus on details that are indeed important. Sometimes, abbreviations are one of the best ways in ensuring that you don’t spend much time in writing. But don’t abbreviate literally everything because later you might not understand anything when you will reread.
  • Read other resources and texts: It is important that you read the required lectures every week and start making notes on what you have learned.

Lecture Summary More Tips

  • When it comes to your lecture, you need to get the main points and start writing down. You should not miss any single evidence.
  • In summarizing, you need to use your own summary words but do not forget to include also about the keywords and phrases so that when you need to review, you will not forget about it.
  • Changing also about the order of words is important so that main idea will comes first to be followed by supporting ideas.

There you go some of the things you need to do know when you need to understand how to summarize a lecture. Just be sure you have a soft copy of what you have discussed to make a good summary.

Enjoy summarizing your lecture!

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