Do you want to know how to summarize a journal article? For many students, summarizing is one of the most stressful tasks to do because it entails a thorough understanding of what the whole article is all about; sometimes, the professor tries to test the student’s understanding of the subject or topic, so he asks his students to come up with a summary of the article.  To get started, check out below:

The Best Ways to Summarize Journal Article

  1. Check out the main abstract of the study in the beginning of the article, usually coming with a short description. It is another terms used to denote a ‘summary.’  It will help you understand what the main point of the study is all about.
  2. Scan through various sections in the research paper. You should do it to highlight the main points discussed in the article. It will help you find the main concepts being mentioned in the article and will help you concentrate on the thesis, analysis and results.
  3. You should look out for subsection titles that usually highlight a specific progress or development of the research. Without even saying, you may want to focus on these subsections so that you will not miss the important developments that took place in the study. Highlight them when you summarize journal article by underlining or circling.
  4. Start making the rough draft of the journal article. It will help you summarize every section or portion, which you can use when shortening or summarizing the entire journal later.
  5. You must be able to show the relationship of the points or ideas mentioned or presented by the author in the journal.
  6. Do not use direct quotations but use paraphrasing in capturing ideas. Focus on the journal’s introduction first.
  7. Continue by going to the methodology and summarize it.
  8. You should write the research’s brief overview. You may highlight if the purpose of the study was met.
  9. You can now proceed to summarizing journal articles by using a closing statement that should focus on discussing what was learned through the study and how that can benefit others.
  10. Read and edit.

There you have the important tips to know when writing a summary. You should not miss them out to achieve the best results. Go over these before writing. Finally, learn more ways on how to summarize a journal article today!

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