Whether you’re telling a friend about a film you seen, you need to know how to write a movie summary correctly. By the time you are done in identifying the primary elements such as who, where, what and when questions, you can start summarizing.

How to Summarize a Film

  • State the movie’s premise: This is a 1-sentence statement of the basic idea behind film. Since you watch the movie, you should already know what it is all about. You need to think about the basic idea and start writing it.
  • Major storyline: In this part, you need to make a summary about the premise in outlining the major characters. You need to explain how the main characters do in the film.
  • Major plot points: In all cases, knowing about the major plot points is important. You need to make one paragraph with this explaining or getting the main ideas of the film.
  • Emotional development: You need to describe about the emotional development of characters. You also need to explain the details of their lives as well as their effects to them. Always think how rewrite my sentence.
  • Put together: As much as possible, you need to put all elements together in your summary. Like with poem summary you need to re-read your summary and edit if it’s needed.

More Tips in Summarizing Film

Here are additional things you need to do when you need to summary film. These things will help you to get started so make sure not to miss it out.

  • Identify evidences that will illustrate or support the theme or main point of the film.
  • Make sure to consider the words as well as the visuals of work. You need to check if it’s integrated with each other.
  • You need to know if you are stating something that is obvious for the viewer or reader.
  • You need to know if you definitely describe what happens, whom it happens and where it happens.

There you have it, the valuable tips on how to summarize a film that you have seen the best way. It helps you a lot to get started so be sure to take note of it or remember it.

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