A deposition summary is also known as a deposition digest. It is a digested or reduced version of a long deposition transcript. When it comes to summarizing, there are goals that you need to know and here are the list.

How to Summarize a Deposition

  • Avoid altering the context of the material: Your summary should be carefully written because altering the content of the material will change everything. You need to stick to what is written in there and never attempt to change important information. In a deposition, you need to share the spirit of question in your summary.
  • Relate relevant material: When you are deciding what details you will impart to your audience in your summary, the same as with summary of debate you should ask yourself what you will do or what you will write. You need to think carefully because a deposition is important. You need to include all the important and necessary information for attorney’s decision.
  • Avoid editing within the summary: In summarizing depositions, it is important that you should maintain a neutral attitude. You need to have accurate reflection about the deposition that you will impart to others so that they definitely understand what happened and what you are talking about.

Apart from this, there are two ways on how to summarize a deposition and that is typical summary and page-by-page summary.

  • Topical summary: With this kind of summary, it only deals with specific topic where you need to summarize it. The portion you will summarize can be only a couple of lines and can be about several pages.
  • Page by page summary: With this, you need to check each page and make a summary of it until you get to the last page. You only need to get the important points.

Others think that summarizing is easy but for some it is not. For skilled writers, it can be easy on their part since they have the experience on how they should begin in  writing but for novice ones, they struggle but they should not worry because the help of tips will help them to start summarizing what has been assigned to them.

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