Classroom debates are use by teachers in motivating students for them to think critically about certain issues given to them wherein arguments must need to be concise, persuasive and clear. Just like what lawyers are doing, students must need to convince their audience, so if you have debates in your group and needed to summarize it, here are helpful tips for you and a helpful summarize example.

How to Summarize a Debate

Now you’re thinking: “How do I summarize a debate? I need to do this ASAP!”. Stop worrying! We have some awesome tips for you:

OK first things first: for debate summary as well as for conversations with good summary, it is important to have a quick summary of key points. When it comes to summarizing, you need to summarize everything that has been discussed in a clear and concise manner.

You need to look for arguments that have been made during the debate, so write everything down.

Second: recapping key arguments as well as the counter of the opposition is important. But, you should not forget about your purpose and that is you are summarizing. You need to convince the reader that your opinion is the right one. You need to present a list of facts that strikes audience (but please don’t be arrogant).

Third: for summary of debate, it is advisable not you will not write everything what you have been discussed since you are only making a summary. What you need to do is to remember or get a help from other people. There are instances that you might forget some important points (you’re human right?). This is why getting an opinion from your group is a big help.

There you go some valuable tips on how to summarize effectively. It is somewhat hard to make a summary especially when you are tired and do not have much time but when you know what you should do or consider, getting started is not difficult. Just do your best and refresh your mind before you begin so that you can start writing.

Follow the tips above so that you have a wonderful summary of your own and get also help from your group if you need!

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