You may be looking for ways on how to summarize a chapter, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn today. Writing the summary is coming up with the condensed version of the book without losing the important highlights readers or publishers may want to know at a glimpse. Performing the task, however, may be easier said than done because you have to have good reading skills to start with. We have some tips for you on how to summarize a book.

What Not to Forget in Summarizing a Chapter

What is a summary?

Probably you know, that it is an accurate and concise representation of the book.

But in your your own words.

And it’s obviously.

What questions you have to answer?

Here are they:

What are the main ideas or points mentioned by the author?

And how are you going to write them down without as if rewriting the entire book?

Answering the question on how to summarize, you should know.

A summary should describe everything in a logical and concise manner.

And what is the outcome?

It will lead to the understanding of your readers.

What are the main conflicts, for example?

Although the summary may be very overwhelming.

It may be easier than you think, because there are different ways you can do it.

Summarizing a Chapter

The main summary writing tips are the next:

  1. Review the whole chapter several times and gain the understanding of what the author intended. What are the main idea as well as the ending? To make your life easier, you may want to take down important notes.
  2. Outline all the chapters and organize or arrange important ideas in chronological order without being very sporadic.
  3. Before the details, you should write the main topic to start great, and then highlight the main conflicts. This will help you move on with every chapter smoothly.
  4. Edit and check for errors and include things you might have missed. Think of the characters and other ideas you might have not written to make a strong summary. In addition, you may want to validate if you have represented the ideas clearly and in a logical manner that will not cause confusion to others.

There you have some important points when summarizing a chapter. Don’t forget them if you want to make a great one that will impress your professor, reader or anyone whom you will submit the summary to.

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