In the process of how to summarize a book, you need to take note on the entire chapter. You can check the TOC or table of contents so that you will know what the main sections and sections. You must know that each chapter has one main argument and idea. Here are short tips on how to summarize a book.

How to Summarize a Book Helpful Tips

  • Make sure to write down all the title chapters of the book. This is your basis to have good output. This also helps you on how to summarize a book perfectly.
  • For each chapter, write the main idea. Be sure you are being simple and clear to its point. When you are in the process of how to write a book summary. Avoid complex sentences and lengthy sentences. If you do this, you will remove all the irrelevant words that are useless.
  • How to write a summary of a book is time consuming so better to ensure you are doing the right thing. When you are checking each chapter, better to read them and get the main idea and try to extend your sentences by explaining the ideas you pick.
  • If you know some tips about how to write a summary. Then move on the next step which is to get the major idea of the textbook or the main argument of it. Use this as your introduction for your summary.
  • Make sure to include the author’s name, editor and publication year.
  • The final step on how to write a summary of a chapter is by concluding your summary and giving them what is the main idea of your book.

Few More Tips About how to Write a Book Summary for College

  • Avoid saying that the book is poorly written. Bear in mind that you are only making summary so do not make any criticisms about the book.
  • Avoid writing down unneeded ideas because it will make the summary messy.
  • Avoid including thoughts or ideas which aren’t part of the book.

These are only some point on how to write a summary for a book, but you can still know more when you search on the internet. There are thousands of articles than you can know on how to write a plot summary for a book.

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