The main idea is what will help you in getting the entire message of the story you are reading. If you know how to identify main idea, you will be able to understand the content better. Getting the main idea or the main point of the author will help you master a reading skill that is very important for all people because it will develop your comprehension of what was read. In case to extend your skills have a look on  how to summarize a newspaper article example.

Determining the Main Idea

Remember that the main idea is the main discussion of the text without any of the details. It is considered as the big picture where all the supporting details are revolving around. To find the main idea, you have to read and understand the passage and to be able to write the information summary of the thought into one sentence that will include the main discussion, condensed in one simple statement.

To find out the main point, you have to check for repetition ideas, as information, by looking for repeated ideas or phrases. When you have read the passage, check out for the idea that is often repeated and the main point surrounding it.

For many, they are determining the main idea by tentatively grouping details and then asking themselves on what the author is placing much emphasis on in his writing.  If you would find related group ideas in the passage, then you may close to find the main point.  Finally, you will need to combine all the evidence as well as your prior knowledge to determine or understand the most important in the text.

Importance of Main idea and Summarizing

If you were able to find the main idea, then it would be easier to understand the whole point of the passage or story without having to go over again when looking for information. In addition, knowing about the main point will help you learn the tricks of how to summarize wherein you will need to present the story in a shorter version.  Nevertheless, learning how to get the main idea and summarizing will help you become a better reader who understands the context of what he is reading easier and faster.

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