Learning how to identify key points of the story will help you become a better student or professional because it is one important skill for many assignments of reading and writing. Without comprehension, your reading effort may not be effective. On the other hand, those who know how to take down notes, important words and main idea and how to summarize will prove more of gaining an advantage over their classmates or colleagues who do not. Check out below on the tips on how to identify key points.

Summary of Main Points

As you were reading, you should be able to take note of repetitive words that are given emphasis by the author in the text. In the process, you will identify what he wants to get across easier and faster. Can you find group ideas or related words together? If you do, you can find what the author is trying to highlight in his passage or story. You will learn what he is trying to tell you from the beginning. As you go along, you will find relevant ideas that keep on repeating. Without any problem, you will be able to check out the main idea of the author. After that, you should be able to restate the summary of the idea into one sentence that will not contain the details but only the main message as a whole.

More Tips for Key Point Summary

Take note that the main point is what the whole story is about, so you must be able to understand it to come up with an effective idea that is the message of the author to you.  You should take note that many authors do not reveal the main idea directly. Instead, readers make an inference of what he is trying to say using a key point summary.

When are determining main idea, check out the introduction, middle and ending of the story, some of the common places where the author usually highlight his key point. Do not rely on this process alone though, but try to distinguish the ideas he commonly repeats by looking for relevant words and sentences.

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