Manual summary can be a bore and can take away the time you need for other activities. A quicker and much convenient way can be found in making summaries online. Teaching summarizing it is possible to say, that creating a summary online involves a few, simple, no-brainer steps. First, you have to assess your article or document. What type of document is it? Is it a legal paper or a news article? This is an important step because you need it for the next direction – which is to scour the Internet for an appropriate website.

Some websites are catered towards summarizing blogs, some are for simplifying news and some are just for making summaries of pages from a specific type of website. Whatever the site is, it must meet what you are looking for in a summary.  Lucky for you, summarizing websites vary in complexity so you will not have trouble looking for what you need.

Why Choose Online Summary?

  1. Speed – Unlike making summaries yourself, making a summary online take only a few seconds to accomplish. Present technology is advanced enough to perform the complex algorithms in determining the most valuable sentences in a blink of an eye.
  2. Cost – Online summaries are mostly free! Those that ask for payments are those that don’t use algorithms behind their summaries, because the summaries are done manually by people. These services usually take at least 12 hours before the results are delivered, so summarizer websites are a real good deal.
  3. Efficiency – Unless you are submitting the summary for an assignment or a work task, most summarizer websites provide a decent job in simplifying articles. Granted, they rank the importance of sentences based on the frequency of how its words appear. However, if you just need to know just a few sentences from a very long document, then it does its job well.
  4. Accessibility – You don’t have to go to extreme heights to get your summaries done online! Just time type “online summarizer” into the search engine and it generate many links to various websites that are competent in fulfilling your summarizing needs. You won’t need to get up from your chair or even lift a pen!
  5. Easy-to-use – Interfaces from web summarizers are easy-to-use – even a beginner would not have trouble in using it. Just copy-paste the text into the blank or paste the link to the web page and then watch those obfuscating sentences fade away.
  6. Flexibility – There are various options to choose from in editing your summary. These summarizers allow you to determine the percentage of the retention of original text in the summary, the maximum number of lines, the inclusion or exclusion of certain types of sentences and etc. Summarizing paragraphs online allows you to tweak the parameters to achieve the desired results.

Websites for Good Summaries Online

  1. GistWeb is an online application/extension that provides summary versions of web pages you are on. It recognizes the problem of information overload and aims to provide only the essentials in a webpage. If you wish to summarize an article on a webpage, this is a good summarize website to use.
  2. WikiSummarizer, on the other hand, specifically accommodates Wikipedia articles. Put the link on the Wikipedia article on the blank space and it will provide the summary for you. Wikipedia has had a long-standing issue of having too many details on some of their articles, so this is a big help to people who need to know the gist of certain topics quickly.

The preceding information has provided you the rationale of summarizing online, the procedure and examples of good websites to look into. Now, you only have to try the suggested actions and sample the provided websites. Enjoy summarizing paragraphs online!

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