Writing the summary of an article will help the readers find its main point without having to go over the entire paper. If you were assigned of tasks that have to do with writing a summary, you may need the tips you are about to read below. Here are the ways to answer the question, “How do you write a summary of an article?”

What is summarizing?

It is taking down all the important details present in the paper. It should contain the condensed elements of the story through shortening the entire paper. If you would summarize, the first thing to do is to understand the whole point of the study. It will help you synthesize the article correctly by using the correct imagery that can also make the readers understand it.

In case you may want to know, summarizing is a great education tool because you will be able to help yourself understand a lesson better and minimize the amount of time in going over the whole paper over again.

The Best Strategies on How to Write a Summary about an Article

  1. Survey the whole article, meaning scan through it and find the titles and subsections. This will help you find the main points that the writer has discussed in his paper. It will help you come up with an outline to use as well. Visualize or picture while you were reading. It will clear things for you and you would be able to see what the entire point is all about, the thesis for that matter.
  2. Find the gist of the article as one of the tips on how to write a summary about an article. What are the main ideas presented as well as what is the thesis of the paper?
  3. Come up with an outline. It will help guide you in including and not missing important points.
  4. Start writing the summary. In your first sentence, be able to write the main idea. It should make sense and summarize the entire position of the paper. It is the author’s and not your position, you’re looking at here.
  5. You should read your summary several times to see if you have included all the things you planned to mention from the start. It will also help you see if you can shorten the summary further by taking out any irrelevant details you did not see.
  6.  Check for coherence, clarity and accuracy.
  7. Edit your paper before passing.

There you have the main strategies in coming up with a good summary. Be able to implement them the next time you are tasked to write your own. Now you know the answer to your question, “How do you write a summary of a scientific article?”

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