There are many summarizing strategies that allow you to maximize student’s results at a short amount of time. Teachers are encouraged to utilize teaching summarizing strategies in order to effectively teach the skills thus enhancing the student’s ability to learn, write, understand and think. Here are several popular summarization strategies that can be useful in your classroom application:

  1. Study Cards – of all the strategies for teaching summarizing, this is possibly the most common. Students are allowed to make notes based on what they think are relevant information about the story.
  2. Learning Log – this enables the students to summarize their learning, what they understood and any points that require further explanation. This is considered to be among the learning focused summarizing strategies.
  3. ABC Summary – this uses the alphabetical letters that allows students to easily remember important points and ideas about the topic.
  4. 1 Word Summary – students are asked to describe and summarize the concept of the topic using only a single word.
  5. Summary Sentence – one of the best summarizing strategies that asks the students to write one sentence that best summarize what they learned.

It is important that teachers are able to utilize summarizing strategies for reading comprehension. With summarizing strategies, you are stimulating the student’s ability to understand and recall important details about the story. If you are having difficulty with teaching summarization strategies, you can get professional help with online solutions. There are numerous sites that offer comprehensive summarizing strategies and techniques that will be beneficial in allowing your students to better summarize the idea and concepts. Learning focused summarizing strategies is highly beneficial for students as they progress in their academic career. Teaching summarizing strategies allow them to improve their vocabulary, writing and learning skills and also enhance their ability to think critically.

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