A summary is an overview of the entire essay, research paper, thesis, blog or any other written pieces, but it does not expand on the details. What it provides is the gist of the story or piece. This is the exact same reason that the writer must be able to understand the entire book or paper before summarizing. Today, you don’t have to read everything and spend time on it if you would use an online summary maker. Check out these seven hacks that you need to know about it.

Summary Maker Online Hacks

  1. You can make use of it and finish your rewriting tasks earlier and faster than you would if you are going to perform one manually. The summarizer generator tool allows you to create new versions of texts in an automatic manner, meaning you can get instant results, without you having to wait a long time. You can get the summarized version of your paper within seconds!
  2. You can summarize books, novels and literature with it. The machine does not only reword essays, but also other types of longer materials. What this means is that you can also summarize your thesis without you having to read the entire paper.
  3. You can summarize even content from links or URLs. All you need to do is to copy and paste the web page/s URL onto the allotted box for it and then press the button for submitting the link. Wait for a few seconds and the tool will return the results from the summarized website page.
  4. You can also upload files that you need to summarize, meaning you can directly upload your word documents onto the machine and let it do the work for you. Just submit when done uploading and wait for a few seconds, depending on the length of your text. Now you know how to summarize a story for example.
online summary maker

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  1. You can save money using it because the summary maker online is free of charge, meaning you don’t need to pay a dime for subscription or membership. In this case, you can save a lot of money by using the tool that does not require any payment, especially if you are a student who has limited budget. This time around, you can paraphrase as many texts as you need without you spending as you normally would with paid services online.
  2. You can create abstracts for thesis papers or summarize an article without having to read all the pages, meaning you can just let the machine do its work and deliver the summarized version instantly.
  3. You can even enter your desired number of sentences that you want the tool to return once it is done with the summarizing. After, you can have a preview of the new versions, and summarize your text again if you are not satisfied with the first result.

There you have the seven hacks from the online rewriter that you can benefit from if you want to come up with accurate summaries for any type of paper, including reports, marketing materials, blogs, articles and research papers.

Use our online summary maker today!

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