Summarizing an article may be one of the hardest things to do if you are not well versed on the topic, subject and writing itself. When writing a summary of an article, you may want to follow the tips on summary writing to learn and discover more.

What’s a Summary?

It is a short but clear and complete description of the entire article. An article summary will help you understand what the whole article is about because it can give them a clear idea of the topic. Usually, writing a summary of an article is thorough and is said to be better than a direct quote. Sometimes, your professor or teacher asks you to write it to see if you understand the topic well. The next time you would be asked to summarizing articles, check out the tips below.

5 Tips in Summarizing Articles

  1. Read the article. Before you summarize, you should scan and read it. You must also be able to take note of important points as well as supporting points mentioned. Mark down any results.
  2. Do not only rephrase but also be able to mention the major points.
  3. What is the purpose of the summary? You should get what you want to include in your notes or thesis later on. You may also mention the bibliography with the author and article title. Be able to make a connection between your essay and article. State the conclusion of the author that may include analysis and results.
  4. If your purpose is summarizing scientific articles, you should be able to explain the main point of the research and the reason the author has made the research.
  5. Do not forget to read the final product. It will help you see if you miss something else and will help, you spot errors you did not see from the start.

These are the five essential tips you should know about summarizing articles that you should know to get great results. You may want to consider them if you have only tried summarizing for the first time. Remember that writing a summary should be dealing with the main points, thesis, analysis and results of the research, for instance. Nevertheless, the summary should contain the main gist of the article so that the reader could understand even without reading the entire write-up.

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