How To Summarize

Every teacher provides students with lessons on how summarizing. Each type of text for which you have to write a summary required a different technique. We provide you with tips at so that you can easily see the different ways in which you can write a summary of different kinds of writing. We help clients with all kinds of needs in how to write a summary.

Learn How to Summarize

What is the easiest way to learn how summarizing?

You probably thinking about some particular technic.

So, you can start with a factual paragraph.

Read the paragraph thoroughly and look up the meanings of any words that you don’t understand.

And what then?

Then you start taking notes on the paragraph to include main things.

The first one is the main idea.

The second are pertinent details.

And the last one is the most important.

It’s the author’s conclusion.

What you should keep in mind?

Yes, you have to have these elements in your notes.

Write the summary of the paragraph in your own words.

But, don’t include any of your own opinions.

Simply restate what the author wrote in the paragraph.

Summarize an Argumentative Essay

  • How summarizing a text
  • How summarizing an article
  • How summarizing a book
  • How summarizing a story

An argumentative essay or article is perhaps one of the hardest types of text to use when you want to learn how summarizing. However, this is the type of document that teachers assign to students in high school and university. Tips for summarizing this type of text include:

  • Identify the author’s argument
  • Follow the arguments made to relate to the main point
  • Pick out any opposing viewpoints in the essay that the author refutes

It is often difficult to be able to spot the difference between the main argument of the essay  and the evidence presented to support this argument. You must be able to carefully read the essay and perhaps read it several times in order to fully understand the argument. Once you master this part of the process then you are ready to proceed with writing a summary. At we have the experts to answer any questions you may have about how summarizing any type of writing.

  • How summarizing a text
  • How summarizing an article
  • How summarizing a book
  • How summarizing a story

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